Another meaning for ‘holiday auctions’

Excuse the slight random elements in this post,

I discovered today that ‘holiday auctions’ means different things to different people.

My interpretation is a holiday for auction – in the style of It seems a different and possibly more popular interpretation of this phrase is a auction you hold at Christmas.

More specifically, a ‘holiday’ (because American’s can’t call it Christmas despite over 3/4 of them being of a Christian denominiation) auction occurs around Christmas and is the charitable sale of prizes / tickets / other things.

It’s a good thing, but it needs a better name.

Rant over. is a curious site – it does very well in the organic listings for holiday auctions, however they don’t seem to bring much traffic to the site by other means. The site is well designed and quite appealing, but they are not marketing it. It’s curious though, they do have some lots online, and even some huge value ones (I think somebody is selling a boat on there for over £300,000!) so I’m surprised they’re not doing more.

To be honest this site is the one I am most hopeful about…

This site has been showing up on the search terms holiday auctions for quite some time now but nothing has yet appeared.

At the moment it still appears as though you have to register your interest in either listing or bidding on something. I would be keen to see something spring up here but I am getting tired of constantly checking. In 6 weeks time we’ll be celebrating the first aniversary of this Holiday auctions blog going up but nothing seems to have changed in our market place yet!

bid an go!

This site popped up quite quietly last week –

It’s a site for listing vacation rentals in an auction style, with specific weeks listed as products to bid on.

Be an interesting one to watch – bidango.


When I posted that I had Google’d “travel auctions” you might have wondered why I didn’t mention the top result – the reason is that I wanted to check it out thoroughly and reserve judgement until I had taken a good look.

Well that first result is and I’m still yet to have a good look, but it does look promising.

Wikipedia says something about travel auctions

When I started to google for ‘holiday auctions’ I become rather narrow minded, as I posted yesterday, I need to look elsewhere – so far it’s looking more promising.

Wikipedia has a page for online travel auctions meaning somebody out there created it and nobody deleted it!

The page doesn’t give any good examples, but it does describe the sort of websites I am looking for. Let’s hope there is more joy to come…

A new approach to my holiday auction research

I realised today that how I was looking for these auctions sites has been all wrong – I’ve been googling holiday auctions but this has been the wrong approach – the good stuff might not be listed on Google for this term, as they might call it something else, rely on a brand, or just promote by other means – you see, if nobody is search for ‘holiday auctions’ why would they advertise on it?